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  • Holly Farken-Weber

    Hi there,

    in GF Autocomplete is there an option to have users submit their own entrys which are not in suggestion list when source is WP or Ajax? It would be nice if they could submit this and not have them stored ..

    Thanks and regards!

    Holly Farken-Weber

    PS: I purchased and am using Gravity Forms Autocomplete version 1.5.5



    It’s possible to do using a custom code. Since the Autocomplete plugin should save the entries in WordPress custom post types and each post type has a different structure.

    If you describe your task in details, our developers can give you the cost.


    Holly Farken-Weber


    – options should be fetched from WordPress
    – data for autocomplete is a (custom) taxonomy

    The above already works with the plugin.

    – Additionally there should be a “allow adding new” option like in manual mode
    – BUT: new values shall be stored within the form entry but not as new options
    – Meaning: autocomplete will stay the same and fetch from taxonomy

    Thanks for your answer and many regards,


    Please send a ticket to the support center.
    Our developers send you the cost.

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