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    My friends built me (for pay) new webstore. Im ceo in company and i do only business. So my support manager get ill and must rest with this case. I personal don’t know nothing (little) about coding and settings in this case. I try keep this short. I have a domain and host rent from namecheap. There is installed Litespeed Cache manager but NO server what i can optimize. So when shop was build there was installed plug in Lite Speed Cache. It is in WordPress and build with Elements and Astra. Honest i have been now worked over 3 weeks with settings about Litespeed. I have done account to and them is now finally contact together and i check tube videos how to make CDN to own server and change CNAME in namecheap what give me. So it kind work and i have read 100000000 of different manuals to install all right. I got insight page score today 100 and GTMatrix A grade but. Slow. Soooo slow working. I am a dropshipper and B2B and B2C doer and now try first time webshop. No store all selling in different places. How i can get RIGHT settings to combo: host (manager, no server options to Litespeed but enable), WordPress Litespeed and, webshop to dropshipping what works already DIRECT SETTINGS TO Litespeed cache what i must to do or know. I have not found new support manager so i am alone right now with this and i have shop open and i don’t trust my installations :D litespeed test get hit and CDN is ok. Probably losing money every day huge amounts because sites are so slow and i don’t know are payments working correctly. Those was working before my installs but now whole site is sluggish and painfully slow even scores are in top. I have given month to this and now i ask help. If possibly private conversations because this is registered shop all over the world. I am new here and always listen to better support new from anybody because i don’t have any now. I try in that forum to ask help. I just think so do i even need like these cache system when dropping because nothing is my what is in site and all pics and another else is not my. Everything inc. pics are coming from dropping systems. Not my. I am only middle hand in this. So i think i remove all systems and restore backup when all worked.

    So do i even need this kind of services in my dropshipping store because all data comes out side? Do i remove all cloud systems and cleaners and optimizers or is there some settings to Litespeed Cache what i need to know? i just rey to make account to cloudflare but DNS change removes all my important emails. I don’t that happen. So is this just not of worth of this efficiency what i have spent my time month…… Help.

    Thanks already. Kind regards, Jonathan.


    Hello, please format your messge, because now it’s difficult to understand your problem.

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