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  • Yonggang Du

    Hi Ali2Woo Experts,

    I just purchased Ali2Woo plugin. Can anybody tell me if Ali2Woo plugin can automatically add AliExpress shipping tracking number and carrier in Woo Product Page? If yes, in which fields of the Woo Product Page these 2 information elements are added? If not, which additional plugin do I need to implement this feature?

    Best Regards


    Yonggang Du

    I know now that Ali2Woo can add tracking number to Woo  Product Page.  Can anyone confirm that Ali2Woo adds the Aliexpress tracking number and provider in the _tracking_provider and
    _tracking_number fields?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Hello, Ali2Woo adds tracking numbers to the order if you place an order using a free chrome extension plugin and then sync the order. Detailed information on the process is given in the article:

    Yonggang Du

    Dear Ali2Woo Support,

    I read your document. But, it doesn’t answer my question. I want to know if Ali2Woo plugin store the tracking number and carrier name in the WooCommerce _tracking_number and _tracking_provider fields. I need this information, because I use another plugin which reads out the tracking number and carrier service name out of these 2 fields. You may check with your developers.

    Thanks in advance for your effort.


    Hello, we have already received your request in our support center, let’s continue the conversation there.

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