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    Hello, my name is Albert.

    We have bought the plugin, and imported enough products. We do not want them to be shown as if they had a discount, so we put the base price and final price equal, so we force Woocommerce to detect that there is no discount. The problem is that when the price synchronization is done, it returns to the base price and the discount price, so all the articles appear as if they had a discount…

    We would like this discount not to appear, which would be directly the base price. We have looked at the code to see if it synchronized when we did the synchronization, so we could force the base price and the discount price to be the same, but we did not achieve it. For us this is a malfunction, since you do not give the option to remove the supposed discount.




    We got your request in the ticket and gave the answer there. Just want to repeat this here so anyone know how to do that with Ali2Woo.

    You can remove the discount. Since Ali2Woo uses pricing rules when the AliExpress synchronization is done. And you need to make sure your both pricing rules (Price and Compared Price fields) are the same.

    When Ali2Woo applies the rules to both prices and get the equal values, WooCommerce shows only one price without discounts.


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