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  • peter kolev

    I tried to import products through the plugin and the chrome Extension but im getting allways an error with undefined. Through the chrome ext. i am getting “Product (id: [OrderID]) Import Failed.”

    I am working with the payed version.


    if i look into the console there is the following errors:


    Uncaught TypeError: t.slice is not a function
    at r (store-proxy2.html?iframe_delete=true:16:865)


    Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB)


    error in this block:

    addImportButton: function (k){
    MAHtml.appendHtml( document, document.body, MAMessages.productPushButton() );
    $( document.body ).on( “click”, “#ma-push-button”, function ( t )

    var params = { ‘id’: };
    var reqId = Math.random().toString();
    var data = { params, “reqId”: reqId };

    MAProduct.requestProductInfo( data.params, data.reqId, function ( e )

    var responseData = { “status”: e.status, “data”:, “error_msg”: e.error_msg, “reqId”: e.reqId };

    MAProduct.pushProduct( k.url,, k.thumb, k.price_min, k.price_max, k.title, k.currency, ).catch( function ( error )
    console.log( error );
    } );

    } );

    for the import direcly through the plugin its showing an Error for this:

    const post_import = function (post_data = {}) {, post_data).done(function (response) {
    var json = jQuery.parseJSON(response);
    if (json.state !== ‘ok’) {
    if (json.state === ‘error’) {

    } else {

    if (on_load_calback) {
    on_load_calback(, json.state, json.message, state);

    a2w_js_add_to_import(products_to_import, state, befor_load_calback, on_load_calback);
    }).fail(function (xhr, status, error) {

    if (on_load_calback) {
    on_load_calback(, ‘error’, ‘request error’, state);

    a2w_js_add_to_import(products_to_import, state, befor_load_calback, on_load_calback);


    If i install the another version of the plugin its working for a while but than i have to install again another version to make it work.

    Can you help me please.

    Best Regards



    Maybe in the year 2047 we get help from Ali2Woo, i have already 2 topics without any reply lol


    I have the same issue, im waiting for help from Ali2Woo

    Patrick Renaud

    I have the latest Chrome Extension 2.0, installed manually, and got the same error a peter kolev mentioned. Every importing methods gives the error “Import Failed: Undefined” since lastest update of the plugin itself, version 1.24.3. Where do we download the old version to roll back? Will there be a 1.24.4 to fix this error? Many users are addressing this issue, here and on ThemeForest.

    peter kolev

    i installed it again and its still not working.

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